The Life365 Executive Team

Life365 Co - Kent Dicks
Kent Dicks  |  Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Kent Dicks is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and recognized as a thought leader in the Mobile and Digital Health space. Kent was a leading pioneer in the evolving mHealth field with his previous company, MedApps, which helped drive development of cloud-connected health solutions and provided the industry with much needed alternatives to enable a lower cost, proactive healthcare model. His desire to broaden accessibility to transformative remote healthcare solutions led to the founding of Life365 – a highly scalable, Digital Health Platform. Before Life365, Kent led his previous start-up, Medapps, to acquisition by Alere, Inc. (now Abbott Labs). Kent served as CEO in Alere’s Connected Health Global Business Unit.

Kent’s thought leadership in mobile health technology led to his testimony to the House Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs concerning vets healthcare needs in rural locations. Kent’s accomplishments as a healthcare innovator include a three-time recipient of Healthcare Innovator of the Year (Arizona Business Magazine), two-time recipient of the Governor’s Award for Innovation, along with other recognitions for his contributions to telehealth and expanding access to healthcare.

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Life365 Co - Mario Vassaux
Mario Vassaux  |  COO, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Mario Vassaux is a technology innovator with over thirty-five years of business operational and technology development experience. He is has launched and operated successful software / hardware technology companies involved in a range of products including video games and medical software. Mario has participated in the publishing and development of multiple PC, console and mobile video games including hits Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstein. He has developed a diverse range of award-winning apps and mobile games for business, consumer education, cyber security, and a suite of medical apps with avixena Population Healthcare Solutions.

Mario combines his experience with gaming and medical software to develop innovative solutions that create better connections between caregivers and patients in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

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Life365 Co - Randy Strength-2022_200px
Randy Strength  |  Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

Randy Strength has created notable and award-winning visual communication experiences for worldwide brands, for over 20 years. He has served twice as Creative Director for start-ups with successful exits, acquired by publicly traded, global companies.

His background as a designer, marketer and entrepreneur, provides a unique skillset in creative direction, communications, and brand & product development – evidenced in his work with Fortune 500 companies, philanthropic organizations and the technology sector.  Before co-founding Life365, Randy’s previous roles include Director of Marketing & Communications at Alere, and Creative Director for Medapps Inc.

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Life365 Co - Mehrdad Shafa
Mehrdad Shafa, MD  |  Chief Medical Officer, Advisor

Dr. Mehrdad Shafa is the Chief Executive Officer of Medical & Healthcare Consultants, LLC, a Nevada-based consulting firm specializing in managed care turnarounds, and implementation of government programs. He has been involved as a chief medical officer and executive director with multiple major insurance companies and health plans in Maryland, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, and California. He also has been the clinical leader of quality improvement organizations and patient safety organizations in Michigan, Indiana, and Arizona.  

In addition, Dr. Shafa is Chief Executive Officer of aviXena Population Health Solutions. aviXena was founded in 2014 as a consulting firm that offers highly specialized products for population health solutions.

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Judi Korzec-modified
Judi Korzec  |  Vice President, Business Strategy
Judi Korzec is an expert in technology and innovation. With 35 years of product and software development for flagship corporations and entrepreneurial ventures, she believes consumer delight drives market share. Judi relies on proprietary analysis and a deep understanding of science, business, and market segments and industries to outpace the competition and adds connective technologies to cement the consumer-brand relationship for her customers.

Prior to Life365, Judi served as the Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Product Development at CVS (formerly Caremark PCS) and CEO of Active Care Network, which was later acquired by Express Scripts. Judi also served as a board director for several organizations including: Medisafe, Base10 Genetics, PillDrill and 1Touch Holdings.

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Ryan Changcoco  |  Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement and Government Relations

Ryan Changcoco is an operational and strategic executive with deep expertise and knowledge within the healthcare space. Ryan is the founder and principal of the Changcoco Consulting Group, a startup advisory and consulting firm based in the Washington DC area. Prior to CCG, Ryan served as the Chief Executive Officer of CSurgeries and The Physician's Edge Group. Ryan also served in various product strategy and operational roles at ATD, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, and The Advisory Board Company.

Ryan's experiences as an executive and product strategist led to his effectiveness as a consultant for several organizations.  Currently Ryan serves as a senior advisor to several organizations including Kismet Health, WaitSmart by Notice, The Senior Executives Association, Oji Life Lab, and Terravision. 

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Thomas Hall  |  Vice President, Product Strategy

Thomas Hall has over 18 years in accelerating company growth through teams & technology. As a classically trained marketer from Johnson & Johnson, Thomas applied these learnings across the Johnson & Johnson diabetes franchise before leaving to grow Dexcom, a continuous glucose monitoring company, from $18MM to $500MM in revenue. In this role, Thomas created business functions across the organization in digital marketing, business intelligence, and IT project management. He also led the commercialization of the first remote monitoring continuous glucose monitor.

Subsequently, Thomas worked for a small marketing and management consultant company serving for both startup and established companies to drive growth. Prior to Life365, Thomas was the CEO of AffirmXH, a cutting-edge biosensor company.

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DMR 200
Marc Rothman, MD  |  Executive Clinical Advisor

Dr. Marc Rothman is a physician executive and subject matter expert in aging, geriatrics, dementia, palliative & hospice care, post-acute & home-based care, disaster preparedness and mass-casualty incident response, and clinical quality. Dr. Rothman’s recent focuses were centered around making the home an increasingly viable location to deliver social, clinical and behavioral care. Dr. Rothman previously served as CMO at Signify Health, and held other executive medical positions at leading healthcare organizations including Aspire Healthcare, Kindred Healthcare, Inc., and Kaiser Permanente.

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Board of Directors

Life365 Co - Kent Dicks
Kent Dicks

Chairman, CEO, Founder


Life365 Co - Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly

Board Member - Previous CEO of Aetna Medicaid

Life365 Co - Robert Anciaux
Robert Anciaux

Board Member - Investor

Clinical Advisors

Life365 Co - Cathy Petti
Dr. Cathy Petti

CEO | MoDX, Rapid Diagnostics

Life365 Co - Kris Vijay
Dr. Kris Vijay

Medical Director | Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital

Life365 Co - Susan Cordts
Susan Cordts

CEO | Catalytic Health Partners


Jeff Garabaldi-modified
Jeff Garabaldi

CEO | Aspire Health Partners

Rick Kraniak-modified
Rick Kraniak

Partner | Cavendish Capital

Jay Ennesser

Partner | Prane Holdings

Life365 Co - Jerry Bratkovich-1
Jerry Bratkovich

Private Equity / Staffing Advisor

Life365 Co - Lance Donkerbrook
Lance Donkerbrook

CEO | Commonwealth ACO