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DATA + engagement = better outcomes

Removing the Friction Points in Remote Care

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We efficiently integrate data and services into the clinical workflow –  while fitting solutions into the lifestyle of healthcare consumers.

The right solutions with the right people, will drive better engagement, therapeutic adherence, and economics as we embrace the shifts in consumer based healthcare.

The Life365 Story

Life365 is headed by an industry recognized team in Remote Healthcare.

Their previous Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) company was a key innovator in shifting Telehealth and first generation RPM from costly and complex, to cost effective and mobile – RPM 2.

The previous company was acquired by Alere (now Abbott Labs).

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Life365 Co - RPM 3.0

After their exit, the team founded Life365 to develop a platform that would support the shift to RPM 3 and filed (and issued) significant patents in the next generation of Wearables, Patches and Sensors to scale to large populations of patients more economically.

This interoperable platform integrates lighter / economic technology, wearable / “disappearable” sensors, AI driven user engagement, 6G and more.

The platform allows us to continually distribute a range of services, offered by our integrated solution providers, to drive the best user experience and outcomes as their health and care needs change.

Meet the Executive Team

Life365 Co - Kent Dicks
Kent Dicks

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

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Life365 Co - Mario Vassaux
Mario Vassaux

COO / Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

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Life365 Co - Randy Strength
Randy Strength

Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder

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Life365 Co - Mehrdad Shafa
Mehrdad Shafa, MD

Chief Medical Officer / Advisor

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Life365 Companies

Throughout our platform and product development, Life365 has created a unique IP portfolio that provides benefit for industries beyond health and care.

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Life365 Co - Life365 Connect
Life365 Co - Life365 LABS