“Life365's mission is to enable the shift to  Consumer Based Healthcare by providing a variety of cost-effective and economical solutions to connect people Anywhere / Everywhere to their caregivers. Our very specific and timely COVID-19 mission is to extend healthcare resources to home to take pressure off the Healthcare Systems around the world.”

- Kent Dicks

CEO and Founder, Life365, Inc.

Life365 Companies

Life365 Products
Life365 offerings a variety of products to connected people at home in a cost-effective manner to their caregivers in order to enable Consumer Based Healthcare.



Variety of Life365 Kits including Chronic Care, Diabetes, Cardiac, Respiratory, Kidney Care and COVID-19



A patented lite weight / cost-effective wearable to connect and engage a larger population of patients to drive costs out of healthcare.

Virtual Care


A variety of solutions / services bundled together on a commonly curated platform that allows for alignment and integration into health systems to remove the friction points for scaling Digital Health.

Partners and


A variety of partners that offer bundled services to provide a comprehensive solution from front to back to engage patients in their care, with maximum adherence.